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Washington Street | 03 Unit Conversion

Owners recently acquired a single-family home, a 4-level backsplit. Our proposal involves converting it into a legal duplex initially. The plan includes a subsequent conversion of the attached garage into a third unit at a later date. Exciting transformations ahead!

Jamie Ann Street | 03 Unit Conversion

Owners recently acquired a single-family home, a 4-level backsplit. Our proposal involves transforming it into a legal duplex, with plans for a later conversion of the attached garage into a 3rd unit. Exciting changes on the horizon!

Main Street East | 07 Unit Conversion

Existing gutted mixed-used building to be converted into 7 Units! (6 Residential + 1 Commercial) Since we cannot change the commercial street facing unit.

Inverary Road | 02 Unit Conversion

New Basement unit inside an existing semi-detached home! Approx 350sqft.

Kenilworth Ave South | 04 Unit Conversion

Owners are planning a 4-unit conversion for this single-family house. However, given the existing ceiling height below the required 6'-11" for 3+ unit conversions, the strategy involves an initial duplex conversion to legalize the basement. Subsequently, the plan is to progress from duplex to a 4plex. A phased approach for a legal and efficient transformation!

Victoria Road North | 31 Unit Conversion

Taking an existing 15 unit 3 bedroom purpose built apartment building and splitting the units in half to create Bachelor + 2 Bedroom Units, Thus increasing the units from 15 to 31 (Maintaining existing 1 bedroom int basement).

Samba Drive | Garage Conversion

Transforming an existing single-family bungalow with a detached garage. Our task is to convert this garage into a garden suite, with potential plans for a second floor. Exciting changes underway to maximize the property's potential!

Wellington Street | Church Conversion

Existing Church and attached gym to be converted into 28 Residential Units with approx. 80+ Bedrooms!

Victoria Ave North | 03 Unit Conversion

Order to comply issue, which our team was able to resolve. Satisfying the building inspector/enforcement Officer AND ensuring our REI's construction cost were minimum.

Scott Blvd | 02 Unit Conversion

Taking an Existing Single Family House (SFH) and adding a new basement unit! New Side door entrance (Interior).

Mount Albion | 10 Unit Conversion

**Project of the Year** Where the last REI team wasn't able, our team was able to determine that we were able to do 10 unit conversion inside this existing monster of a house. "Always read the Zoning Bylaw Fine Prints" - H.Rojas.

Webber Ave | 13 Unit Conversion

Taking an existing legal 10 unit building in the downtown area and adding 3 additional units ( splitting 1 unit and adding 2 new ones)

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