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Henry Matthew Silva Rojas

Firm Owner | Licensed BCIN Designer

Rojas has 7+ Years in the Architectural Field & Real Estate Investments. Started working on Custom Homes and Extensive Home Additions in 2017 while also working on Apartment Buildings with Investors as a side hustle.

During COVID, shifted his focus from homes to 100% REI projects, looking over for his fellow investor by finding the highest and best use for their lot.  He also worked as a Construction Project Manager under Taco from tacoaboutinvesting to gain a better understanding of on-site work. 

Today, he has completed over 500+ Investment units in Ontario from Duplex, ADUs, Low-Rise and High-Rise Apt Buildings.


Property Tours

From working from our Mississauga Office to managing some of our construction sites, now Rojas is going to Property Tours with his power teams to help educate other investors in the power of multi-family investing.

Reach out to Rojas to join us in our next property tour in Hamilton!

Bill 23

Since the release of Bill 23 back in Nov 2022, its now in effect as of Jan 2023, allowing Triplexes all over Ontario. As well as some changes to  Development Charges, Committee of Adjustment & Site Plan Control (Land Development)


While some cities like Hamilton have already taken the initiative, allowing up to 4 units on specific lots, Toronto is close to allowing 4-5 units per lot. 

Other cities like St.Catherines, London and Sudbury are still working on adding Bill 23 to their bylaws., which the deadline is End of 2023. 

To learn more of Bill 23, check out Rojas' Interview with Jake Novis. Click Here. 


Investor-Focus Team

HVAC, Structural, Surveyors, Planners, Truss Manufacturers and Contractors, the list is long BUT the one thing they must have in common is being "Investor-focus" 

Your investment property needs the proper care and attention to details that will affect your numbers, because if the numbers to make sense then that deal isn't worth it.


Our partners are those who work/invest into investment properties, we coordinate and strategize the best ROI for our investors.

Importance of Zoning

In order to know the highest and best use of your lot, Rojas dives into the depth of the zoning bylaws to understand whats permitted and what needs to go through minor variance/COA or even re-zoning. 

Hand in hand with investors, Rojas brings options to the table. Whats within your abilities to do, or what do you want to accomplish on this lot? 


Experienced Designer

Feature on "The Mark Loeffler Experience

Rojas discusses past projects, how all the experience from starting as a typical designer back in 2017 to one of the leading investor-focus designer specializing in multi-family projects and the key role he plays in the zoning review of all potential projects. 

Permits, Bylaws, Trouble

Feature on "The Real Side of Real Estate by Manny Haidary"

Rojas and Manny go into details about Hamilton's Zoning Bylaws, Permits, Construction and how our process affects Real Estate for the better. 

Dive into a full length discussion between a Qualified Designer and a Hamilton focus Realtor. 

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