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Gowan Street | 06 Unit Conversion


Gowan Street | 06 Unit Conversion

Welcome to a lucrative investment opportunity at 105 Gowan St, Barrie, ON L4N 2P2! This multifamily home, priced attractively at $1,410,000, offers a substantial 8,632 square feet of living space spread across 6 distinct units.

Strategically nestled in an ideal location, this property combines serene lakeside views with convenient access to downtown amenities. Residents can enjoy the proximity to the beach, perfect for leisurely strolls or basking in waterfront tranquility.

Featuring 5 spacious two-bedroom units and 1 cozy one-bedroom unit, the property caters to a diverse range of living preferences. With dedicated parking and convenient coin laundry facilities, residents will revel in a comfortable and hassle-free lifestyle.

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