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The Main Street Apartments


This existing 70 unit, 7-storey apartment building in Brampton is a great investment opportunity. To really cash in and see big returns, this investor came to us looking for the best ways to upgrade their cash flow - and their building.

All 70 units will go through cosmetic interior upgrades, to give tenants a better experience in their new homes. The entrance lobby will also be completely redesigned and renovated, giving it a fresh feel to match the new upgrades throughout the rest of the building.

The Empire Apartments


This 12-unit Apartment Building now houses 17 units, expanding the number of tenants it's available to house. Units were also given a more modern and open layout by removing a wall between the kitchen and living space.


Further cosmetic upgrades will further modernize the units for renters, with new floors installed throughout the units, as well as updated kitchens and bathrooms throughout the building. Practical elements, including access to laundry service, replacing flooring with VCT loose lay floor and installing Douglas Heat Pumps in each unit will further enhance both the property management and tenants' experiences.


Overall, future tenants of the Empire Apartments will be able to enjoy fully updated and functional units!

81 Empire Welland-2.jpg

The Carling Apartments


Back in 2018, this was an existing 3 storey/27 unit apartment building located in Hamilton, ON. Today, we are currently finishing up construction on 8 additional apartment basement units!

The idea we had was to convert this building existing basement storage rooms into 8 1-bed, 1 bath apartment units. The structure and space was already there, we told advantage of that and made the decide to proceed with this concept.

One issue that we had and most others will have in Hamilton is the required parking as per the zoning bylaws. That said, we developed our drawings and worked with our planners and went to the committee of adjustment for this minor variance and WON!


The Melvin Apartments


We work with many investors who are looking for the highest rate of return on their properties - by working with an architectural designer, investors will be able to get the best layout for their budget.

The owners thought this existing 45 unit building couldn't get any bigger, but with the conversion of a common space into another unit, this building will eventually be home to 46 units. Interior and exterior upgrades are also in the works, including a front porch addition that will add extra value to the building.

335 Melvin-3.jpg
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The Lincoln Apartments


This existing 11 Unit building stands in the core of an area where new land development is being worked on. The value of this building will continue to increase as the the local developments get completed. 


The Vanier Apartments


This existing 21 unit apartment building will be going through a very project specific scope of work, focusing on the existing balconies. 

Photo 2023-04-26, 10 23 23 AM.png
81 Duke Street-2.jpg

The Duke Apartments


This apartment building is located in downtown Hamilton and required tremendous work as the existing conditions were heavily damage. Luckily the building was vacant and our construction team took the lead in restoring the building from it's gutted state.  Today, it's nearly completed, and will house 18 brand new 1 bedroom units.


The Shotwell 4plex


Obtained back in 2021, long before Triplex/Fourplex were common, Our investors had the intend to convert this existing 2000sqft duplex into a legal 4plex. Our design team took the lead and worked on designing a new layout that would accommodate 4-1 bedroom units.


In the Welland area, the bylaws do state that if the units are below 50m2 (538sqft), then the parking ratio is reduced to 0.3/unit instead of the normal 1.0/unit. This was the strategy  we used, to ensure that we only provided 2 parking space for 4 units.


After 5 months of renovation work from our contractors, we will able to refi and now it stands as a monthly positive cash flow for our investors. 

43 Shotwell Welland-1.jpg
Photo Jan 18 2023, 10 39 22 AM (9)_edited.jpg

The Blake 8plex


This existing Victorian building currently houses 6 residential units (ground and up). However, due to the zoning bylaws, we are able to add an additional 2 units, thus converting this 6plex to an 8plex building.  

The Lasalle Triplex


Out investors brought this small 1500sqft single family detached in the Crowland area back in 2021.

Our original strategy for this project was do only convert to a duplex (basement would 1 unit and the ground and second would be the 2/main unit). However, our investors wanted to get the most ROI,  so our design team proposed a layout where we could house 3 separate units, each with their own dedicated entry/exits. 

Fast forward to today, its now an fully operating triplex building (500sqft, 1 bedroom units) with 4 parking spaces on the rear side

Photo 2023-05-09, 9 13 04 AM_edited.jpg
160 Hughson Street-2.jpg

The Hughson Apartments


This existing 60 unit apartment building required some much require renovations. Considering this building is directly across from the St.Joseph Heathcare Hamilton, we anticipate that front-line works from that area will rent from our building and therefore, we decided to do a full cosmetic upgrade to all units, including new Kitchens, in-suite stackable washer/dryer

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